…..And we hate illinois Nazis

To all those folks who want to create discontent and villify our ethnic and sexual minorities, we only have this to say;- The bad times have returned! We’re back.

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Fascists on di attack (on empty buildings?) You know what to do.

At 1pm on Sunday, May 31 – 25,599 days after Uncle Adolf last wiped Eva Braun’s mess out of his moustache and ate his Walther PPK – a few Melbourne adherents of the old pervert will be braving the Richmond cold to yell at the Town Hall.

They want to have a yell because there is a Socialist Party councillor in the City of Yarra government. But the Town Hall will be empty because it is Sunday.

This leaves you, dear reader, with a number of options.

If you believe that neo-Nazi scum should be reminded on the reg that they are not welcome in our streets, why not pop along and let them know. You won’t be alone.

Alternatively, the people who are apparently being protested against will be over at the Multicultural Hub in Elizabeth Street, for a forum about Islamophobia and building an opposition to the likes of Reclaim Australia, also a worthwhile project.

It’s up to you, but if you decide to attend the former, this handy-dandy spotter’s guide may be of use.







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Freddy Toben fond of Brandis’ Bolt laws

Holocaust denier Frederick Toben backs George Brandis’ plans for discrimination law

Heath Aston

Holocaust denier Frederick Toben has strongly backed the Abbott government’s plans to water down race hate laws, describing them as a welcome challenge to “Jewish supremacism” in Australia.

In an explosive submission to Attorney-General George Brandis’ review of the Racial Discrimination Act, obtained by Fairfax Media, Mr Toben congratulated the government for its attempt to rectify what he describes as a “flawed law, which only benefits Jewish-Zionist-Israeli interests”.

His comments drew immediate anger in the Jewish community, which has warned that the government’s plans for Section 18C of the act will open the door to “vilification on a massive scale”.

Mr Toben said Senator Brandis – who famously defended people’s “right to be a bigot” – had incorrectly claimed the need for reform of the Racial Discrimination Act was about free speech and the conviction of News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt under 18C.

“The essence of what the RDA Section 18C is all about and why it needs to be repealed is that the so-called ‘Bolt law’ is in effect a ‘Holocaust’ protection law,” Mr Toben wrote.

“The ‘Bolt law’ case was used in an attempt to hide this Holocaust matter and to make it a free expression issue. The trap set for the multiculturalists in Australia by Jewish interests, who designed Section 18C, is that the sole aim of this section has always been to legally protect … the Holocaust-Shoah narrative.”

That’s the trouble with lying down with dogs. You wake up with fleas. And covered in dog fur and slobber. There are other issues as well, really. Don’t lie down with dogs. Why would you?

News brief · 14 May 2014

Court appearance for Australia First candidate

Court appearance for former ALP candidate

Warwick Daily News

DISGRACED former Labor candidate Peter Watson was yesterday ordered into an involuntary psychiatric assessment, following allegations he assaulted Warwick police officers on Tuesday.

Watson, who was expelled from the Labor Party last year after he posted a homophobic rant online, appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon.

The court heard the two officers attended Watson’s Warwick home earlier this week in relation to allegations he had posted threats against a female police officer on Facebook.

Sergeant Ken Wiggan told the court that while speaking to police, Watson clenched his fists and despite several warnings to the contrary, swung at an officer and struck him in the face.

It is further alleged a second police officer was injured during an ensuing scuffle.

A mental health nurse appeared during the court proceedings and told Magistrate Graham Lee an initial mental health assessment had shown Watson needed further assessment.

The nurse told Mr Lee the assessment showed Watson was either a danger to himself or others.

The court heard Watson, who is now a member of the Australia First Party, was to be taken to a psychiatric facility in Toowoomba to determine if further treatment or medication was required.

If no further treatment is ordered, the 20-year-old will be released back into the community after a bail application made on his behalf was successful.

Sgt Wiggan had earlier asked Mr Lee to keep Watson behind bars, out of fear he may enact his threats against the female police officer.

“From a police view, we’re concerned about his ability to carry out any threats he makes,” he said.

“He has a terrible history of doing strange, bizarre things and we are concerned he is going to continue to make threats on Facebook or take further steps to carry out the threats.”

Watson was ordered to abstain from using any social media while on bail and was quick to ask his lawyer if that included using the website YouTube.

News brief · 12 May 2014

Geographically-challenged vandals attack Darwin church

From the Northern Territory News:

Offensive slogans racist and wrong

Ellie Turner

A CHURCH has been defaced by racist vandals in northern Darwin.

Worshippers got a nasty shock when they arrived at the Serbian Orthodox Church, at Malak, to find it smothered in spray painted “tags”, initials, obscene language and racist slurs recently.

Offensive slogans that mark the white-walled church, on Dalwood Crescent, include the slur “f***n Arabs”.

It is unknown if the vandals were geographically challenged or chose to ignore that Serbia, in eastern Europe, sits almost 1000km as the crow flies from its closest Arabic-speaking neighbours Lebanon and Syria.

The church, which has been at the site more than 15 years, hosts people from other nationalities including members of Darwin’s large Greek community.

News brief · 5 May 2014

They came, they saw, they… caught a cab outta there!

Well, that didn’t go very well, did it?

Australia First & Golden Dawn, having spent weeks trying to drum up support for their march and picket in Brisbane, ran into a spot of bother when they found themselves outnumbered 20-to-1 by anti-fascists.

Having had only 32 people pledge to show up on Facebook – although more had pledged offline, apparently – only 10 neo-Fascists deigned to grace the good burghers of Brisbane with their presence.

Meanwhile, across the street, over 200 antifa had gathered to put a stop to any neo-Nazi naughtiness. Sensing that they had perhaps over-reached, the fash jumped into a Maxi Taxi and headed for their planned destination of the Greek consulate. It is a sad day for fascism when neo-Nazis forget how to march, don’t you think?

Antifa again thwarted any attempt to protest outside the consulate and the fash were whisked away again. Hopefully the conversation with the taxi driver wasn’t too awkward.

Jim Saleam has since taken to Facebook to claim that it was always the plan of Australia First to fail so abysmally and everybody had fallen for his cunning plot. This seems like a bit of a weird plan to us, to be honest, but in fairness it’s one he’s had a lot of practice at.

At least 10 people is better than this paltry effort from years gone by.

Well done to everyone who took time out of their busy day to send these pathetic, confused souls packing.

Fight dem back · 2 May 2014 · Discussion

Must have broken a mirror.

The Roanoke Times is reporting that Bill White has been sentenced to an additional seven years in jail for threatening his wife.

Imprisoned former neo-Nazi leader William A. White received an additional seven years and eight months behind bars Thursday for his third sentence over sending violence-themed messages to those he disliked.

This time, White, 36, was punished for badgering his estranged wife with threatening emails in an attempt to extort money in late spring 2012. The new prison term handed down in federal court in Roanoke was added to the nearly three years he has left after earlier convictions.

In November, a federal jury convicted White of transmitting a threat to extort money — three counts for three emails he sent Meghan White — and a single generic threat count for one email. In giving White 92 months for those crimes, U.S. District Court Judge James Turk said he agreed with the jury that White was guilty and agreed with White’s defense lawyer, Paul Beers, that White is probably mentally ill.

Bill White’s National Socialist Movement did briefly have an Australian branch back in the day, but they would have had trouble filling a phone booth. And working out how to open the door. And then getting back out.

News brief · 2 May 2014

Frazier Glenn Miller: why wasn’t he in jail?

Raw Story has an interesting piece on Kansas City shooter Frazier Glenn Miller and his relationships with law enforcement… and black male prostitutes.

And apparently he was caught in the back seat of his car with a black male prostitute. I was told they didn’t arrest him, but the cops brought him in, photographed him and turned him loose without an arrest. That allegation had been suggested as to why Glenn Miller might have been turned by the feds.

Takes all sorts.

News brief · 26 April 2014

Golden Gaytimes! Not Golden Dawn!

Well. It’s been a while between drinks, but FDB, like a sleeping dragon of yore, has been awoken from its slumber to breathe righteous fire upon the fascist scourge besetting the village of Brisbane.

Roll for armour, fascists. You’ll need it.

Okay, but seriously. Here’s what’s up. The Australia First Party are organising a protest march in Brisbane in May in support of Golden Dawn. We’ve been so slack at posting anything on this site that Golden Dawn have never actually been mentioned here, so here’s a short introduction:

Golden Dawn (Chrysí Avgí) is a Greek neo-Nazi party. Its führer, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, is currently in prison, along with several other GD MPs, charged with being members of a criminal organisation. GD has a long history of violent crimes directed at immigrants, leftists, homosexuals and other ‘undesirables’. GD MP Eleni Zaroulia, wife of Michaloliakos, has referred to migrants as “subhumans” who are “carrying all kinds of diseases”.

In Australia, GD has a small number of supporters in Melbourne and Sydney. Until recently, they‘ve maintained a fairly low profile, content to raise funds for GD in Greece and to promote GD among local Greeks.

The march and rally in Brisbane is the third occasion AF and GD have rallied together to support GD in Greece but the first time they’ve done so openly, and may mark a turning-point in the fortunes of both.

We’d rather it continued the general downward trajectory of Australia First and Jim Saleam’s fortunes, so why not come along to the counter-protest and let these neo-Nazis know that they’re not welcome here – or anywhere. But especially Greek neo-Nazis are not welcome in Australia, come on, guys, get it together.

The fascists intend to assemble at The Greek Club (29 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane) for a rally at 11.30am, Friday May 2 and then march on the Greek consulate (Level 36, Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane) to hold a picket between 1pm and 4pm in support of GD.

In just a few days around 200 people have indicated they may attend the protest against the Australia First and Golden Dawn parties in Brisbane so please continue to invite others to attend: the more the merrier.


Fight dem back · 18 April 2014 · Discussion

Racial element in bus driver snub?

From the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin:

Bus driver’s snub called racial.
Chris Schwarten
September 14, 2012

ALL Tilleala Leisha wanted was a day at the beach and a safe trip home on the bus with her friends.

But the indigenous 19-year-old was left stranded and confused when the last bus out of Yeppoon allegedly refused to pick up her group of three women and one man.

She said the bus was mostly empty and every person in her party held a return ticket for the day.

Her confusion soon turned to anger when Tilleala’s mother Shirmona Barlow called the bus company to complain about the incident.

Shirmona said Young’s Bus Service told her the group wasn’t picked up because they were intoxicated; an allegation which both Tilleala and Shirmona deny.

“That just wasn’t true,” Shirmona said.

“They hadn’t been drinking at all. I spoke to them when they got home and they were stone-cold sober.”

Shirmona said she believed the driver’s reluctance to pick up the group was racially-motivated.

“The driver has just seen four indigenous people and decided it wasn’t worth it,” Shirmona said.

“I understand there are problems with some people, but you can’t tar everybody with the same brush just because of their skin colour.”

The Bulletin has made several attempts to contact Young’s Bus Service since Wednesday morning, but a company spokesperson has been unavailable to comment on this issue.

Tilleala said the group was fortunate enough to receive assistance from a security guard at Yeppoon Central Shopping Centre, who complained to the company and also organised a cab to come and pick them up.

While Tilleala doesn’t want to go back to Yeppoon any time soon after the incident, she wanted to thank the security guard who had helped them and was kind enough to pay for half of the cab ride for the group, as they did not have enough funds for the trip.

News brief · 17 September 2012